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Vector Internet

Vector Internet is a very new provider to the shell industry. Their server is a 650 PIII Celeron, 256MB RAM, a 30GIG hard drive, running FreeBSD 4.2-STABLE, and connected to a dual T1 pool at FOONET (Qwest backbone), A monthly payment of $10 gets you 2 backgrounds, a 25MB quota, and the standard shell features (crontab, BitchX, etc). At the time of the review, the system isn't completely ready yet. VHosts still have yet to be added, and hopefully a few more security updates will be put in place. Eggdrop compiles quickly, though, with a handy "getegg" script, however I didn't launch it because of the lack of vhosts. We'll see how things are at the next update.

Update 01/31/2001

VectorI updated its BIND version to correct the previous security concern.

Update 02/20/2001

New vhosts have been added, and the server security is rock solid. My detached BitchX clients pings out a lot, but that's because FOONET is having some connectivity problems. One thing I like about VectorI is their Billing System. You can view, update, and delete all your billing information on the web. It's tight.


Server Name
Server Operating System FreeBSD 4.2-STABLE
Speed Test - 683541 bytes received in 18.32 seconds (50.22 KB/s) - 2277216 bytes received in 23.46 seconds (94.81 KB/s)

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