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Unixrules Network

Unixrules is ooooold skewl. Next to KIREnet, I can't remember an older provider that's still around. They're co-located on a 10mbit line to Concentric. A quarterly payment of $45 will get you 4 backgrounds, 20MB quota, and the standard shell features (crontab, BitchX, etc). On top of THAT, you're going to get access to their kickass vhosts. Next to JEAH Communications, Unixrules is DEFINITELY the top vhost provider. They're nice and short, and not annoyingly long like some others. Unixrules has 6 servers; we've been assigned to, which is a PIII 700Mhz, 1GB ECC SDRAM, with a 18GB Seagate SCSI 10k rpm HD.


Server Name
Server Operating System FreeBSD 4.2-STABLE
Speed Test - 828505 bytes received in 8.99 seconds (95.19 KB/s) - 2277216 bytes received in 23.46 seconds (104.81 KB/s)

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