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TelnetD Internet Solutions

TelnetD is a newer provider started in December 1999. The shell server is a Dual Pentium III, 512MB of RAM, and sits on a 100mbps connection to 6 DS3's, backed up by four backbones to Onvoy. For $10.00, you get 2 backgrounds, 20MB quota, and a nice selection of vhosts. Along with those features, TelnetD also offers its users a support forum, online billing information, java telnet, webmail, and Qmail admin, which is very nice. I have been running an eggdrop for a while now and it is one of the most stable bots I have seen.

Update 8/8/2000
This shell is just great. The bot rarely pings out, support is great, everything most people want in a good shell. Not much has changed since the last update. New speed test below. Go get a TelnetD shell!! :)

Update 9/1/2000

I think this may be my favorite shell, but theres not very much to say this month. The bot is stable and support is excelent. New speed test below. Enjoy!

Update 10/1/2000

Unfortunately, TelnetD has quit offering shell's so I'm not sure if this review will be up much longer, but until the account is deleted I'll keep updating :) No real updates that I know of. New speed test below. Enjoy!

Update 11/4/2000

Welp, the review account is still up :) The support channel for TelnetD is now on the Undernet, but you'll still find them on EFnet too. Thats about all that I can come up with. New speed tests below. Enjoy!

Update 02/18/2001

TelnetD has removed our review account, and they no longer offer shell accounts. We'll see.



Server Name
Server Operating System FreeBSD 3.4-Stable
Speed Test - 683541 bytes received in 4.11 seconds (162.52 KB/s) - 2277216 bytes received in 17.76 seconds (125.23 KB/s)

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