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Raptured.Net Internet Services

Raptured is yet another newer provider to the shell market. is a Pentium 233, 196MB RAM, a 15GIG hard drive and is connected to a T1 to Fuse.Net/Cincinnati Bell. Not your best box specs, but useable for a shell box. For $15.00, you get 3 backgrounds, a 15MB quota, an IP address, for a custom vhost, and the usual shell programs. Their connectivity seems wierd--I've seen better speeds from a cable modem compared to their T1, but an eggdrop doesn't really need awesome speeds to do what its supposed to. Raptured doesn't have any vhosts, and has said they will offer vhosts since they opened, but hasn't yet. The good thing about Raptured, though, is indeed its remoteness. Not very many people know about this place, so you're bound to get a good account with them, because the box isn't loaded.


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