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Pl@net-Work has been around for a decent time now. They actually held the record for highest uptime until they switched co-location providers a few weeks back. Since then, DNS and connectivity problems have plagued them, but they appear to be getting back to the stability that was there when they were at the old co-lo. Pl@net-Work has two boxes, box1 is a P3 650, 512MB SDRAM, and a 9GB IDE HD. They're connected via co-location to PSInet, which allots them access to a 155mbps port. They seriously do have a nice setup, boxwise and connectionwise, but administrationwise it's a little lacking. It's very hard to find someone on IRC for tech support, and because they're a France-based company, telephone tech support is out of the question. Also, you can only pay in Francs. They do not accept US currency, which is a big turn-off. Their vhosts aren't great at all, with vhosts like I'd suggest this provider if you want a bot to stay online 24/7 and protect your channel, but not for vanity things such as a BNC.

Update - June 25, 2001
Looks like PW is dead. Review closed.


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