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Neonsky Internet Services

Neonsky sucks. The server is a 400 PII Celeron, 256MB RAM, a 14GIG hard drive, running FreeBSD 4.1.1-STABLE, and connected to a dual T1 pool at FOONET (Qwest backbone). A monthly payment of $7 will get you 1 background, no quota, and the standard shell features (crontab, BitchX, etc). That's fine and dandy, but the problem lies in the fact that Neonsky is run by a complete asshole. He's known to remove users out of boredm. They're a PayPal operation, discouraging ordering with checks and money orders, because they don't have a company bank account, I assume. Neonsky has had some bad press in the past with being hacked, but they promise tighter security now. We doubt it. Their IRC support channel is anything but supportive. You'll join to find 200+ bots protecting the channel, but not one helpful administrator. Users are kicked and banned for no reason, at the ops leisure. We expect it to be dead within a few months.


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Server Operating System FreeBSD 4.1.1-STABLE
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