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InterQuad Internet Services

InterQuad is a new provider that offers shell and IRCd accounts, web hosting, dns, and co-location. Their strong point is in their pricing. For $7.00 per month you get 1 background, a 25MB quota, and of course, access to the popular shell utils. Their shell server,, is a K6-2 500MHz, 256MB of RAM, a 18gig hard drive, and is connected to the FOONET pool. Eggdrop compiles very quick and without errors, as the box is not loaded with users. Their vhosts are decent, but not anything to brag about. If you're looking for a pricey place, this is your home.

Update 02/18/2001

InterQuad now accepts credit cards, and says they have big plans for the near future, bragging a new box. They are having a few problems with their uplink, as is most everyone, considering half the shell providers are housed at FOONET, but for the most part, things are stable. They haven't re-added our review account, so none of the speed tests can be updated.




Server Name
Server Operating System Slackware 7.0
Speed Test - 683541 bytes received in 6.08 secs (1.1e+02 Kbytes/sec) - 2277216 bytes received in 19.8 secs (1.1e+02 Kbytes/sec)

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