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Datagrid Internet Services

Datagrid has been around for a while now. The shell server, is a PIII 300MHz, 500+MB RAM, a 17GIG hard drive, and is connected to a 10Mbit line to For $10.00 a month, you get 1 background, a 20MB quota, and the other features standard with buying a shell. Eggdrop compiled quickly and without errors, and quickly connected. Their selling point seems to be price and connectivity. No one else is co-located where they are. They've removed our review account, so we can't provide an update, opinion, or recommendation.


Server Name
Server Operating System FreeBSD 2.2.8-STABLE
Speed Test - 683541 bytes received in 9.76 seconds (68.42 KB/s) bytes received in 29.97 seconds (79.92 KB/s)

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