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AuroraLink isn't new to the shell market. They were around way back when, apparently. I honestly don't remember them, but that's the word on the street. So anyway, AuroraLink, a subsidiary of BlackLotus, this huge web hosting company, is back as a new company. is a P3/550, 256MB SDRAM, 25GB IDE HD, and is co-located on 3 T1s to Sprintlink. For $5.00, you get 1 background, a 10MB quota -- no setup fees. You'll get access to the usual shell programs, however there are currently problems using the "screen" program to detach processes such as BitchX. AuroraLink is run on BSDi, a rarity in the industry, so not very many standard shell programs are directly available for that OS -- AuroraLink has to "port" them to the OS. I've seen better connectivity from companies bragging 3 T1s, but AuroraLink claims there are some uplink policy problems being worked on. I think the thing that sets AuroraLink apart from all these shitty new providers starting up would be their technical support. Pretty much 24/7, you'll be able to contact someone toll-free. That's right -- a REAL LIVE HUMAN BEING ON THE TELEPHONE! They also own SHELLS.CA -- Canada in the house. Though they own, their other vhosts are rather..lame. But all in all, AuroraLink is back in the game, with a decent machine and some good support, and a clever slogan of "Who let the shells out," a spin off of the popular pop tune. For the record, I hate that song.


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