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TCL Scripts

File Author Version Description
Aidle slennox 1.1 Anti-Idle Script
AutoLog slennox 1.0 Automatically Creates A Log For Each Channel
Badchan Bass 1.0 Scans For 'Bad' Channels
Bdice Bass 0.92 A Dice Script
BitchX Pack slennox 1.50 BitchX Simulator
Botnetop slennox 2.10 Alternative To Getops
Botnick slennox 1.0 Changes Bot Nick
Botresync slennox 1.0 Allows Bot To Resync Itself 
BSeen Bass 1.4.2d Seen Script
BServ Bass 1.0 File Serving Script
Chan Limit slennox 1.5 Channel Limit Script
Clean Users slennox 1.1 Removes Users After A Certain Period Of Time
Client Stats slennox 1.1 Records IRC Client Information
Cron Check slennox 1.0 Checks To See If Cron Is Running
Jupe Bass - Jupe's A Nick
Keep Out slennox 1.3 Keeps Users Out Of +i and +l Channels
Main Server slennox 1.04 Keeps Your Bot On A Certain Server
Netbots slennox 3.35 Secure Botnet Script
Partmsg slennox 1.0 Sends Messages To People Who Part The Channel
Pass Check Bass - Ensures Passwords Contain Letters And Numbers
Pubban slennox 1.00 Adds Public Ban Commands
Quit Ban slennox 1.1 Bans People With Specific Quit Messages
Repeat slennox 1.1 Kicks/Bans Repeaters
Sentinel slennox 1.54 Flood Protection
Split Link Bass - Makes Your Bot Reconnect During A Split
Super Bitch slennox 2.0 Enhanced Bitch Mode
WinGate Bass 1.1 WinGate Protection

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