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Basic Unix Commands
By: zin

ls Displays everything in the current directory
ls -a Displays all files, including hidden, in the current directory
ls -l Displays all files, along with the size and timestamp in the current directory
tar -zxpf <file.tar.gz> Uncompresses tar.gz files
tar -xpf <file.tar.gz> Uncompresses .tar files
gunzip <file> Uncompresses .gz files
cp <file> Copies a file to a new file
mv <file> Moves a file to a new file, or rename
mkdir <dir> Creates a directory
rmdir <dir> Deletes a directory
rm <file> Deletes a file
rm -rf <dir> Deletes a directory
cd <dir> Moves to a directory
cd .. Moves to a lower directory
cd ~ Moves to your home directory
cd - Moves to the previous directory
pwd Displays the current directory
pico <file> Edits a file
ftp <site> Connect to a FTP server
lynx <site> View a webpage
df Displays the hard drive stats
quota Displays your quota
uptime Displays the uptime of the server
uname -a Displays the operating system stats
whoami Displays your info
who Displays others connected to the server
last Displays the last login
whereis <file> Tells where a file is located
BitchX IRC Client
mail Check your email
ps -x Displays processes your running
ps -a Displays all processes running
ps -ux Displays running processes, along with CPU/Memory usage
kill <pid> Kills a process
kill -9 <pid> Kills an eggdrop process
killall <program> Kills all running process of the same type
whatis <command> Description of commands
man <command> Displays help on the command


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